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Real Solutions for Men Who Don't Get It-And the Women Who Love Them

Ask any woman and she’s likely to tell you: some men just don’t “get it” when it comes to the opposite sex. Ask any man, and if he’s honest, there’s a good chance he’ll agree. So how can men and women communicate and fulfill their very different needs and desires?

In CLUELESS, Bobbie Reid provides witty insights, real solutions and sage advice for overcoming the male/female conundrum, one step at a time, to achieve happier, more fulfilling relationships. Included in the book are chapters on subjects like: I Do, I Do, Feed Me, Sharing the Load, Let’s Get Physical and Why Little Things Mean a Lot. For every man who’s ever felt baffled by a significant other, CLUELESS offers an engaging, entertaining, user-friendly guide to getting it right. And for every woman who’s ever rolled her eyes and thought her guy was oblivious, help is on the way!

Using real-life examples, the book describes different types of cluelessness and how they make women feel. The author also includes several stories of men who are really on the ball with their women, to serve as good examples for their less enlightened contemporaries. At the end of each chapter are real solutions: a list of suggestions for men and women to improve their relationships…and themselves.

Indispensable and fun, charming and insightful, Bobbie Reid’s CLUELESS is a valuable tool for men and women who want to get (or give) a clue!




DEDICATION FOR Why Women Think Men Are Clueless

I have always been a writer, a storyteller. As a child I would sit on the grass near the curb of houses that piqued my interest. My little brother Tom and neighborhood pals often joined me, as I stared at the object made of brick and wood that fed my imagination. I would tell my “little rascals” type audience stories about the houses. Frequently, the stories were designed to frighten, sometimes the tales were filled with melancholy. No matter the path I chose, I knew I was good at this storytelling thing, for my listeners responded with fearful intakes of breath or sad sighs. If I told the story in serial fashion, they always came back for more, a good sign.

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